4 awesome ways to build a long and happy career in UX Design

Rodrigo Teixeira
2 min readJan 29, 2021


A few years ago, Phil Clevenger, Director of Experience Design at Adobe, gave us 4 simple principles to build a great, long, and happy career in UX Design.

Here it is:

Be Nice

Nobody likes to work with a jerk. Moreover, positivity makes it safe for others to take risks around you. Today’s adversary may be tomorrow’s partner; it’s always better if they smile when they see you coming.

Be engaged

Our job is largely to help others realize something they imagine but cannot articulate. What a privilege, and how satisfying is to help the blind men see the whole of the elephant for the first time.

Be Large

Generosity is powerful: make others shine, and when you shine, illuminate others. Bring them along on your thrill-ride; it’s fun and costs you nothing!

And mentor as much as you can. You’ll be surprised how much you have to offer, and how much you get in return.

Be Human

Eat smartly, exercise, play, and sleep. When away from work, be away from work. Use that time to do other things you love, and to learn new things as well: blow glass, make sourdough bread, write a musical, wrestle jackalopes, build clock escapements, anything not work-related.

For those years, these 4 principles have been mantras for my entire career. I guess it can be helpful for you too. =)

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